NEWS: Workshop held to rekindle interest in ancient Tamil inscriptions

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Workshop held to rekindle interest in ancient Tamil inscriptions

TNN I Dec 29, 2015

Madurai: Around 150 people from various walks of life attended a workshop organized at Madurai Kamaraj University to train people to understand, read and write in the ancient Tamil round script or “Vattezhuthu’ script.

Organised by Tamil Heritage Foundation (THF) and MKU’S School of Historical Studies, the event aimed at reviving interest in ancient Tamil inscriptions and culture among the public, especially youth. “People from different professions like doctors, IT professionals, college teachers, professors and students took part enthusiastically.

Expert trainers, including archaeologists, interacted with them and taught them how to read and write in the Tamil round script. Later, even field visits could be organized where people can read these ancient scripts with help from experts,” said Mahalingam A, assistant professor, MKU School of Historical Studies. MKU vice chancellor M Krishnan inaugurated the workshop on Saturday.

The participants were introduced to ancient Tamil inscriptions and its palaeographic evolution from during the Sangam era to modern day by way of presentations. “We have various scripts in Tamil, with the Tamizhi script discovered from Keezhadi inscriptions being the oldest.

Later, scripts like Vattezhuthu (Round script), grandham and modern Tamil script came into being. THF is trying to make people learn and understand these various scripts step by step. As a first, we had organized a workshop on Tamizhi script in Chennai,” said Dr K Subhashini, President, THF.

Kannan D. one of the participants and a student, said the workshop was educational and fun. “I visited Keezhadi exhibits at World Tamil Sangam and was inspired. History may not be for everyone but I feel youth can be passionate. Tamil pride is something we still feel and such workshops can revive our culture with more vigour,” he said.

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